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Our Washes

Hand washing protects and preserves the paint of your car.

Our mission is to provide the best customer service, quality, and workmanship that is unmatched by any other car wash, taking the extra steps necessary to ensure that your vehicle is properly taken care of.
* There may be an extra charge for excessive mud, dirt

Our Pricing

Deluxe Detail
Hand Wax

Car: $81
SUV: $100
Truck: $130
Oversized: $143

Deluxe Detail
Carpet Shampoo

Car: $81
SUV: $100
Oversized: $120

Deluxe Detail
Leather Seat Cleaning

Car: $67
SUV: $72

Deluxe Detail
Cloth Seat Shampoo

Car: $87
SUV: $92
Truck: $97
Oversized: $105

Deluxe Detail
Claybar/Hand wax

Car: $181
SUV: $200
Truck: $230
Oversized: $243

Full Detail

Car: $210
SUV: $225
Truck: $250
Oversized: $290

Our Specials

Truck Tuesday $5 Off Deluxe Wash
Wash & Wax $10 Off
Ladies Day $2 Off Deluxe Wash
Senior Citizens $2 Off Deluxe Wash
We love our men and women in uniform . . .
EMT, Police, Fire, Active Military & Veterans.
Thank you for your service! $5 Off Deluxe Wash
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Help Your Car Look as Good As New!

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