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Full Service Car Wash, Detailing, and More in Houston, TX

We do more than just premium hand car washes here at Racer’s Edge!

Check out our other high-quality
car repair services:

  • Minor car scratch repairs
  • Shine-Renewing Car Wax
  • Oversized-vehicle, shuttle bus, semi-truck, RV, boat, recreational vehicle, and car washes
  • Ceramic Coating for cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks, and more
  • Smooth out rough paint using a clay bar treatment

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Car detailing in Pearland TX

Hand Car Wash, Ceramic Coating, Clay Bar, & More!

Racer’s Edge Car Wash uses the best quality, new ceramic coating polish for your cars, trucks, or motorcycles’ paint protection. We offer professional clay bar treatments, hand car washes, detailing, waxing, touch ups on auto paint, and much more. Using a clay bar on a car will give your vehicle a brighter finish, and our ceramic detailing wax will guarantee that new shine lasts.

Come to Racer’s Edge for all your auto detailing needs, and we will deliver!

At Racer’s Edge, quality service and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. We can work on just about any vehicle you give us, and give it the tender loving care it needs and deserves. If your car needs a spa day, set an appointment today!
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“Great Service and Trustworthy. Best option in Pearland for hand wash.”
- R. Herrera
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